We aim at being the leading company in fashion accessories in our country and we intend to join the international market.


We aim at meeting its customers´ needs by providing them with products that make a difference, that are top quality and are good value for money. Besides we offer our customers an efficient, first-class, innovative, and personalized service.


· Ethics: We strive to establish fair, transparent and long-lasting relations with our customers, suppliers, employees and competitors.

· Commitment: we continuously work to strengthen and promote our relation with our customers and suppliers, aiming at bettering our products and service as well as pursuing excellence.

· Efficiency: For over three decades, our company has been celebrated for its fashion accessories and identified with meticulous quality control. Our products are delivered in due time and proper form.

· Trust: Our well-established reputation in the textile market and a passionate attention to detail guarantee that BUTTON COMPANY is an outstanding option for clients, and suppliers.

· Quality: When you consider the design of clothing as an art you don’t take details lightly that is why we offer the finest trimmings available. We pursue excellence, we do not settle for less.

· Development and Innovation: An avant-garde design and continuous development of new products are key distinctive features due to the fact that ours is a hanging and innovative market.


· Cutting edge design, innovation and quality.

· Leadership in productivity and technology guaranteed by continuous improvement of proceedings.

· Pursuit of excellence.


· We aim at offering all our clients products that meet their specific needs, at a reasonable price, in due time and proper form.

· We encourage extensive research on processes and technologies to offer products that meet    the demands of the market.

· We offer solutions and alternatives so that our clients have at their fingertips the accessories and design of the World.

· We do our best to maximize benefits, increase productivity and efficiency in order to ensure the success and growth of our company.

· We set a premium on continuously reformulating our after- sales service.